Easy Feng Shui Tips to Harmonize Your Home In Los Angeles

feng shuiIt’s already the start of another year and people in Los Angeles are now trying to prepare themselves and their homes as they welcome 2016.

Part of the cultural traditions around the world is to recreate that home setup through rearranging the furniture and renovating the entire house if budget permits. If not, they usually consult Feng Shui experts to determine what suits best for the year of the monkey for the house and welcome lots of luck for the entire year.

Experts said that in order to have a successful 2016 which is also the year of the monkey based from the Chinese zodiac, there is a need to emphasize harmony inside the house. That means, there should be less clutter.

1 – Clearing the clutter is the first step to do to make the entire house a channel for the chi or the energy to flow freely inside the house. They said, “Clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy. Decluttering, on the other hand, has the opposite effect.” That means to say that in order to start the New Year really that smooth, every house owners should start prioritizing the areas which is bothering them and should start tossing the things that are still useful to them and not.

2 – The next thing to do is to open the door to welcome positive energy. So, the front door should always be clean and is free from any form of obstacles along the way. Whenever the door is opened is should allow the entire house seen which also means that they should place something creative or a piece of furniture to add beauty to space [the open door].

3 – Add some plants inside the house. It will purify the air since the plants are good absorbent to toxins and any form of electrical pollutants which are released by the appliances. They will also help decrease the level of carbon dioxide emitted by the people inside the house. They advised to have areca palm which is pet-friendly and grows up to 7 feet tall. They also recommend The Peace Lily, the Rubber Plant and the Dracaena.

4 – They also mentioned the Command position of the bed as part of Feng Shui. The headboard should be placed against the wall and the foot of the bed should never be in line with the door. At least, that will clear out the vision of the entryway.

5 – The house owners should fix everything inside the house before 2016 comes. This is common sense. But the experts advised that to create a harmonious New Year, the household should fix the sense of brokenness inside the house. That means, they should peel off the stickers from the walls, or repair the broken pieces of furniture and objects.

6 – Act is pertaining to the poison arrow which is actually referring to the sharp edges that shoot out aggressively making the space uncomfortable. So to prevent that, they should add some gallery wall in their own versions on the walls to create that smooth flow of energy in a more visually appealing way.

7 – Feng Shui advice is to have running water inside the garden or perhaps if the space permits, inside the house. These may include some water fountains. They said that these fountains are natural ionizers so they diffuse the negative ions present in the air if they are placed indoors. If they opt to place it outside, just facing the front door, it means they allow wealth to overflow. They warned never place it near the bedroom because it signifies worry and sorrow.

8 – The last advice for harmonizing the house according to Feng Shui standards for 2016, it to cover any form of holes like the sink and the toilet bowls. There should be drain covers and toilet covers. They said any form of flushing means flushing money, too.

So, to have a meaningful, harmonious, calm, and smooth entry to the year of the monkey, every house owner should at least follow the Feng Shui advice to have a great start for 2016.

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Easy Feng Shui Tips to Harmonize Your Home In Los Angeles

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