Dear Buyers – Our Team’s Approach

Please feel free to consider us YOUR real estate resource. As we’re working together, our job is to take care of the legwork for you: If you’re ever interested in any property you drive by, please CALL US AT 424.242.8856 (not the random sign’s number), and we’ll quickly be able to get any information you need. In the real estate industry, listing agents prefer to speak to other agents. Listing agents are often heavily inundated with calls upon listing, and they appreciate a buyer’s agent who can move the conversations more efficiently and from a brokerage they know. Having a buyer’s agent call for you is more professional, less awkward to the listing agent, and to your benefit.


As a Buyer’s Agent Team, we work with a select few individuals at a time, customizing a plan to work together to find and obtain the right house for you. After we have an accepted offer, weutilize Keller Williams’ extensive resources and services, along with our own proven reputation and relationships in the real estate industry, to guide and protect you through as seamless a transaction as possible, all the while negotiating for your absolute best dollar value.

A good Listing Agent knows the advantage of working with a Buyer’s Agent that not only has an established reputation in the industry, but also is affiliated with a major company like Keller Williams. Such a Buyer’s Agent gives added appeal to the buyer’s offer, sometimes factoring heavily when dollar amounts are close in multiple offer situations, because it adds to the likelihood of a successfully closed deal.

The best part of doing what we do is knowing that we get to help people “find their way home”. It’s a big city. It’s easy to get lost and feel like it’s moving a mile a minute. We understood how important it was to find a neighborhood that felt like a community and a be in a home that makes you smile.  This is what we focus on in our business, & why our new campaign for 2015 is all about hometown love.  Rachel and I love cooking, so our home centers around our kitchen (both in spirit and in actual layout). Those are the personal touches and details we want to bring to the experience of anyone looking for real estate here. Not just to find a wood frame structure and 4 walls, but to really find a place that encompasses everything our client is looking for in a place to call home.  #HometownLoveLA




Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?
Real estate agents can help you narrow your housing options. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends the use of a real estate agent. Make sure the agent works for you so the agent will be working for your interests. Your agent can take your criteria for a home, including cost, neighborhood, schools, home size and amenities, and match it with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which lists all of the homes for sale in a particular area. If you’re purchasing government housing, such as a HUD home, you must have an agent.

What Are the Up-Front Costs?
You are responsible for two upfront costs when you buy a home. First there is earnest money, which is a small deposit that lets the seller know you’re serious about buying the home. Earnest money can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000. The second is the down payment, which is a percentage of the cost of the home. Lenders have different requirements for down payments. Traditional lenders usually seek a down payment of at least 10 percent. Lenders backed by the government can seek less, if you qualify. FHA has a program where you are only required to make a 3 percent down payment.

What Happens at Closing?
Closing is when you sign all of the loan and ownership paperwork and take over the home. At closing you will be responsible for taking care of some costs, including title insurance and points to lower the interest rate on your mortgage, along with fees for loan origination, loan applications, appraisals, housing surveys and even your first month of homeowner’s insurance. These costs can be up to 8 percent of your purchase price.