Reducing Stress When Relocating Your Home

Moving Your Home Doesn't Have to Be StressfulMoving from your home can be a stressful experience. Regardless of whether you are moving across town or two states away, it is a process that requires time, organization, and a plan.

If you are selling your home, you probably are already trying to pare down your belongings. Less clutter in your home will result in a quicker sale, easier staging and a reduction in relocation cost, due simply to volume. If you are buying your home, its best to curtail spending until the close of escrow for two reasons; less to move and your finances look better for loan qualification.

As a home seller or home buyer, it is paramount to recognize the time you will need to spend on transitioning your home. Take all deadlines and estimates seriously and make a plan early that breaks down the steps of your move.

Add Order to Your Move
Create lists that detail your timelines and milestones. Plan when your moving date is and then step through the weeks between and set specific dates when you will hire movers or pick up boxes and bubble wrap. Think about how you want to notify neighbors of your move and who might help you as your seek to sift through your belongings.

You can elect to pack up your home room by room, color coordinate labels, or enlist the help of others if you approach the move to your home with lists that are easily understood, too. Recognize that you can always call in help if needed through rental, moving and cleaning services and friends if you discover your plans are being frustrated.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye
Though your move will undoubtably be a good thing long-term, any change can be difficult. As you consider leaving friends, co-workers, and relatives on your new adventure, try to plan a last activity where you can all connect, update contact information, and relax. You’ll find that moving can be an emotional whirlwind and having your support group invested in your success will make it easier. If you have children and pets, recognize that they are moving too and plan extra activities and decompression time for them as well.

Stay Well During The Move
Even if you’re the best planner, be prepared for the unexpected. Getting enough sleep, healthy eating, and taking care of yourself will help you adjust to mix-ups and changes. Rely on your lists to give you direction throughout all stages of your move and help you more fully enjoy and embrace relocating your home.


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Reducing Stress When Relocating Your Home

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