Week #1, November 8th

How to Make Your Own Homemade, Non-Toxic Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Follow these Directions


Clean spray bottle (glass preferred, or re-use a plastic one if that’s what you already have)

White vinegar (I re-fill my own container over and over by buying in bulk)

Essential oil of your choice (Optional! Some folks also soak citrus peels.)



1. Fill your spray bottle halfway with the white vinegar
2. Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with plain, cold water.
3. Add about 15 drops of essential oils (or more, depending on the scent).
4. Give it a swirl to mix the oils, then get cleaning!



Week #2, November 16th

(Week 2 of 4):
Eliminate 1-Use Dryer Sheets.
Use Dryer Balls Instead.

A big part of the in-efficiency of modern living comes from “1-time use and dispose” products. Dryer balls are an easy solution to single-use dryer sheets, and your clothes will still come our soft, wrinkle-free and smelling great!
The Simple Process:1. Buy Dryer Balls — you can find them at Trader Joes and Saje.
The balls last for about a year and they add softness, speed up the drying process and truly help eliminate excess waste.2. Add the essential oil of your choice (Our personal fave scents are citrus!)3. Use just like you would dryer sheets!Did you try it? Do you already do this?
Let us know if you’re trying these – We Look forward to hearing from you!
If you try it, or if you have any other great eco-friendly tips we can share for next week. 🙂

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Week #3, November 22nd

Re-usable Towels vs. Single-Use Paper Towels

It is very easy to use a whole roll of paper towels. We get it. However, it is also very easy to keep re-usable rags readily available in your kitchen. You can buy some neat ones on Etsy, or you can make some out of old T-shirts or towels. I have found that when cutting towels or shirts you don’t need to sew the ends if you don’t want to. Its all about you and your needs (and the earth).

When one has been used, throw it right in the washing machine for Zero Waste and Zero Mess! If you put the rags in a separate bin from the rest of your laundry, it will really help keep them together as well as not spread dirt and germs. With Thanksgiving next week, you can try out reusable towels and see how it goes for you!

Are you trying this? Or have you already been doing this for years? Either way, if you do, share them with us on Instagram (@jerryandrachelrealestate) and let’s inspire our community to do the same!


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