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An experienced Picfair Village Specialist can tell you that Picfair Village is fast becoming one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles. For both individuals and families looking for a great, centrally located neighborhood that has the energy of the westside, but the warmth of a quiet community, this is the perfect choice. Picfair Village is the neighborhood just south of Pico Blvd and east of Fairfax Blvd near Miracle Mile. It’s eastern boundary is Hauser Blvd and it’s southern boundary is Venice Blvd. There are many reasons the neighborhood is flourishing. In November 2004, Picfair Village was named as one of Los Angeles magazine’s “10 Most Overlooked Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.” In 2007, The LA Times did a feature story on Picfair Village and it’s fast increasing popularity.

Picfair Village Basics

The location reference of “Picfair” refers to the corner of Pico and Fairfax, site of the former Picfair Theater. Picfair Village is primarily a middle-class area with a very diverse make-up. From wikipedia, “The housing stock is predominantly Spanish-Colonial single family homes, with some small income properties (mostly in the areas north of Pickford Street).” Picfair Village, as many of the surrounding neighborhoods, is known for the Character Spanish Mediterranean style of it’s homes.

Picfair Village is part of the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council, bounded by La Brea, Olympic/San Vicente, Venice and La Cienega. Much of Picfair Village enjoys splendid views of the Baldwin Hills to the south and The Hollywood Hills to the north. Currently, there is a PICO Revitalization project that is intended to bring new and higher-end business to Pico Blvd, while also increasing the aesthetic appeal of the street and shop storefronts. On the corner of Pico and Fairfax, a new upscale VONS is now in the works, and a new Walgreens was opened in early 2010. The goal is ultimately to make Pico similar to streets like Wilshire Blvd. and Beverly Blvd. Faircrest Heights has and will continue to benefit positively from those continued improvements. Currently, a few of the new places of note include BLOOM CAFE, a trendy New American Restaurant between Curson and Sierra Bonita, and Paper or Plastik , a New Coffee shop and eatery. Other new stores and restaurants: Chic Rotisserie Bar and Grill, Sky Tacos, and Pico Modern Furnishings.

The nearest grocery store to Picfair Village is the VONS on the corner of Pico and Fairfax. However, there is a Trader Joe’s in Culver City that many Picfair Village residents also frequent because of it direct path and proximity about a mile away on Venice. Picfair Village is located equidistance between many “hip” areas including the Culver Arts District, Miracle Mile, Beverlywood, and The Grove. It’s central location in the heart of Los Angeles is one of the neighborhood’s major appeals.

Why Picfair Village Has Become the Hip New Place to Live

Picfair Village is truly flourishing, and, more and more, new home buyers are identifying Picfair Village as the next great area to live. There are several reasons for its increased popularity over the past 5 years:

  1. LOCATION – Picfair is centrally located near many of the prime neighborhoods and entertaining areas of LA. Nearby are Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Carthay Circle, Culver City and Miracle Mile neighborhoods among others. These are all very established neighborhoods with sustantial reputations. As far as entertaining areas, The Grove, located on 3rd Street, has been the most influential on the entire area surrounding it. As more and more people continue to buy and live near the Grove, the neighborhoods all around area improving. In the Beverly-Grove area, real estate sells between $900,000 – $2.5 Million. Many buyers who like that part of the city, but are in a lower price range often end up moving to Picfair Village, which is relatively close to the Beverly-Grove and has a similar neighborhood feel.
  2. NEIGHBORHOOD FEEL – Picfair Village has a very quiet, residential feel. The streets are all residential streets, and therefore, there is not much traffic within the neighborhood. Picfair Village has a neighborhood association that meets on a monthly basis.
  3. PRICE – Picfair Village is widely regarded as one of the best values on the Westside for a quality neighborhood North of I-10.

Picfair Village Real Estate

Picfair Village Real Estate is booming. With its prime location, great shopping/dining nearby, and a top notch magnet school (LACES Magnet School) nearby, Picfair Village has become one of the most exciting residential locations in all of Los Angeles. Many of the homes are remodeled or have been recently updated.

Picfair Village real estate currently sells in the range of $400,000 to $1,000,000. The homes in the northern and western parts of the neighborhood generally sell for more than the homes in the southern and eastern parts, respectively. The nicest street in Picfair is generally regarded as either Ogden or Orange Grove, although every street in the neighborhood has it’s own great appeal.

As mentioned earlier, the area just south of Pico, but north of Pickford, has a mix of homes and 2 and 4 plexes. South of Pickford, you will find it is mostly single family residential homes. Another interesting feature of this neighborhood: The homes on the North/South Street tend to be all full size lots (5,000 – 6000 sq. ft.), while homes on the east/west streets tend to be bungalow (smaller) size lots.

Picfair Village Real Estate has really blossomed over the past 10 years as evidenced by the number of real estate agents who work in the neighborhood. Our team, NewHomesLA.com, has the unique privilege of being one of the TOP selling teams in the neigbborhood with a consistent and proven track record specifically in Picfair Village.

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